Supporting the most trusted cannabis oil in Canada

May – Nov 2018
Visual Identity Update, Retail Display Product Design, Graphic Design
Scope of work

Not many brands in the pre-regulatory sector can boast the recognition and confidence that Viridesco garners. To achieve this, the company utilizes four key differentiators:

  1. their oil is incredibly high quality,
  2. it is consistently lab tested,
  3. it can be accurately dosed thanks to a unique oil dispenser, and
  4. it can be used in a wide range of consumption methods.

Unlike other edible/topical decarboxylated or semi-decarboxylated extracts that are diluted with additives like MCT, Viridesco’s undiluted oils retain sufficient terpenes to optionally use it as an inhalable product. With oil that can be eaten, smoked, or used topically, Viridesco’s products demonstrate the simplicity and versatility that a concentrate can achieve. This is precisely the type of honest and innovative company that Connekta loves to support.

Visual Identity Update

For a company like Viridesco with some established brand recognition in the market, continuing their visual legacy is an essential component of maintaining the relationship the brand has with its customers. We honoured their visual legacy and further injected their logo with a meaningful tagline that strengthens and clarifies their brand value. The logo was minimalized to its most basic essence to clearly differentiate visual representation of the brand. Our primary aim was to improve immediate recognition as a unique symbol while using the ubiquitous symbolic representation of health through the staff and serpent. The result was a logo that remains true to the original imagery while achieving a cleaner, more professional appearance and increasing recognition and memorability.

Retail Display Case Design

In the pre-regulatory sector, a well-designed display can make a product stand out miles ahead of its competitors. Viridesco’s product display is the perfect example of a marketing asset successfully designed to do just that. While the product speaks for itself, in the greater context of establishments lacking the benefit of a professional merchandising plan, a product display asset achieves an even greater impact.

After surveying multiple locations of Viridesco’s distributors, we identified several design opportunities to improve Viridesco’s brand in the retail environment. We designed this display case to not only present products with the utmost professionalism but also to play an educational/introductory role for the brand. Using Viridesco’s product colour code on the display case gives potential customers intuitive awareness of Viridesco’s multiple product lines. This element helps to increase the inquiry rate in a highly crowded retail environment, which eventually helps to boost sales. The end product was delivered within a tight budget and timeline with all manufacturing oversight provided by Connekta—another turn-key solution delivered to a customer that represents the best of the craft cannabis grassroots movement.

Brochure Redesign

Our redesign of Viridesco’s original brochure provides a more easily digestible format that uses every opportunity to engage potential customers—even when they are just browsing. High-potency products like Viridesco’s require clear instructions, warnings, and indications not only as marketing content but to support public safety. It was key that we effectively communicated this information to the consumer without being overbearing. By restructuring the content from a customer-focused perspective, we created a simpler, more palatable design that increases reader engagement. This way the brochure acts as both a sales and educational tool that encourages browsers to become informed Viridesco customers.