Unlocking the rolling ritual

Trees Utility Box
Trees Utility Box designed by Connekta Design Solutions
Trees Utility Box designed by Connekta Design Solutions
June 2017
Trees Dispensary
Art Direction, Content Writing, Packaging Design and Packaging Solution
Scope of work

Trees Cannabis is one of Canada’s oldest and most established dispensary chains, with several locations throughout western Canada. The company approached Connekta with an idea for a utility box to store all the tools needed for a consumer’s experience. They envisioned a custom-designed box that would fit rolling papers, bud jars, a grinder and a built-in grinding tray.

Trees Utility Box designed by Connekta Design Solutions

Knowing that cannabis consumers develop habits or rituals for how they roll their flower, we saw the opportunity to create an experiential brand touchpoint. When a consumer uses their utility box, we want them to experience more than just convenient storage. We want the Trees brand to be part of their rolling ritual—not with loud, repetitive logos but with a well-designed, functional kit that adds value to their experience. Our key challenge was to design the kit to aesthetically fit a consumer’s lifestyle while effectively storing all the necessary tools in one place.

Trees Utility Box designed by Connekta Design Solutions

Working with the client to balance creative ideas with the constraints of budget and manufacturing capacity, we discovered the best opportunities in two sizes. We designed a large box to sit on a living room coffee table as part of one’s daily home rolling ritual. This box contains everything you need for a full rolling experience—from carefully selected cannabis flowers and storage jars to a grinder and rolling papers. Each component is individually branded without overpowering the clean and organized aesthetic. The box itself is an indispensable tool with a built-in rolling tray that is specifically designed to make the act of rolling easier.

We created a second smaller box for mobility. Designed to fit a vehicle glove compartment, it includes only the essential tools in a compact and discrete box. The unique built-in rolling tray is even more indispensable in this size as it’s often difficult to find a space to roll while on-the-go.

As always, we worked with the client from ideation to design. Additionally, we managed communication with manufacturers and logistical partners, from material selection to importation, to ensure the success of the final delivery.