Straight Cannabis

Georgia Straight
Dec 2017
Georgia Straight
Branding, Website Design
Scope of work

The Georgia Straight is Vancouver’s oldest and most established art, culture and lifestyle magazine. When the Straight wanted to launch their cannabis-focused online media publication, they turned to Connekta to create the brand from the ground up. As the bedrock of Vancouver arts and culture since the ’70s, the Straight prides themselves as the city publication that knows Vancouver best. With a long-standing history of advocacy for the cannabis community, we knew there was no better group of journalists to cover the revolutionary culture of cannabis—especially as Canada makes its historic transition to legalization.

Logo Design and Style Guide

The Straight chose the name, Straight Cannabis, to connect their legacy brand to their new cannabis channel. Our challenge was to create a logo and brand identity that would represent the unique character of the new channel while retaining a clear brand association with its mother company. With a well-established readership of over 800,000, it was key that their fledgling publication continued to speak to those familiar with the Straight’s previous work while simultaneously establishing their new brand as a staple of the Canadian cannabis culture.

As a community-driven publication, the Straight specializes in the stories behind the city’s diverse culture, not just news. Inspired by grassroots, hand-drawn street and poster art, we designed the Straight Cannabis logo with a marker-style font reducing it to its basic and modern form for easy readability. Honouring the simplicity of the original Georgia Straight logo, we created a custom font from scratch to provide a clearly unique identity for the brand.

With the logo as the driver, we carefully selected colours and typography and developed sample layouts. We provided the client with a thorough style guide that shows how to best use their design assets.

Website design

We developed the website with a few adjustments to font and layout to bring all the elements together. The deep green and yellow we chose as primary colours allow for clear readability while retaining a distinct look from other publications. Since this brand was aimed primarily at an online audience, the Connekta team took great care in ensuring that the aesthetic was properly adjusted in order to maximize the impact of the work.