Luxury cannabis wellness brand

OMNI Botanicals
Dec 2016 – June 2017
OMNI Botanicals
Visual Identity Design, Packaging Design and Packaging Solution, Marketing Design
Scope of work

OMNI Botanicals’ premium line of hand-crafted wellness products stands prominently in the Canadian cannabis market. Blending high-quality essential oils and organic herbs with care and intention, their aromatic cannabis-infused products range from pain creams to personal lubricants. Connekta encapsulated these values in OMNI’s brand image and packaging design by combining cosmetic and medical aesthetics with elegance and luxury.

We distinguished each product with a unique geometric pattern that reflects its specialized formula to relax, restore, or revitalize. To define the sensory experience, each pattern has its own abstract shape and flow, visually conveying the product sensation. By pairing this design element with an elegant neutral and metallic palette, we communicate the premium value and quality of the product inside.

Connekta tailors packaging and brand design solutions to the specific needs of each client from a full range of service options. We not only provided OMNI with a robust brand image and package design, but we also facilitated their full-service package manufacturing. With our established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers based locally and overseas, we took care of all the communication and logistics necessary to see the project through from start to finish.

OMNI’s premier launch was warmly received by both the public and industry resulting in several major dispensaries placing large orders well before the product line’s official release. We continue to provide OMNI with ongoing brand management, excluding online services that are managed in-house.

By highlighting the luxury behind the brand, Connekta successfully communicated the superior quality of OMNI’s products with fine elegance. Our subtle yet powerful approach distinguishes OMNI’s excellence in a sea of similar products. We look forward to working with the brand as they continue to set the cannabis industry standard of luxury and wellness for years to come.