Creating a cannabis connoisseur brand of the future

Hystar Full Spectrum Extracts
Branding - Hystar Sensi Jack Raw Resin Concentrate
Hystar Sensi Jack Raw Resin Concentrate
Hystar Brand Packaging
Oct 2017
Hystar Full Spectrum Extracts
Branding, Art Direction, Content Writing, Packaging Design and Packaging Solution, Marketing Design
Scope of work

Hystar is a self-proclaimed mad scientist of cannabis. When they approached us with their masterfully crafted cannabis concentrate, we were thrilled to see their innovative extraction process and exceptional quality standards. In contrast, the product was sold in plain packaging that left them lost in the crowd of competitors. We aimed to create a brand image that reflected the exceptional quality of the product. By identifying the values that differentiated Hystar from the rest, we developed a unique brand opportunity that would place them in a market position that reflected their superior quality and innovation.

Qualities + Innovations

Hystar’s drive for quality starts with using the best organic soil-growing methods to grow their own flower. Where other live resin extractors flash-freeze their material for processing, Hystar makes their extracts purely from wet, raw, freshly-picked flower—something we hadn’t seen anyone else do. Additionally, their proprietary extraction system leaves no detectable trace of solvents in the finished product.

Utilizing quality ingredients and innovative manufacturing, their concentrates retain the flavour of the flower’s full terpene profile. The taste is full-bodied with the purest balance of terpenes and cannabinoids reflective of the original flower. These unique factors produce a remarkable user experience—one we aimed to distinguish from the rest of the market as we developed their brand strategy.

Hystar Sensi Jack Raw Resin Concentrate
Brand Opportunity

We envisioned Hystar at the forefront of the artisanal craft cannabis market. We knew that cannabis connoisseurs and aficionados actively seek an exceptional user experience. While other extracts in the pre-legalization era commonly use stereotypical branding, Hystar’s product commands sophistication and class. We resolved to design a brand image, voice, and packaging that reflected the level of craft and commitment the Hystar team puts into their product.

To elevate their brand image to its own class, we developed specific brand language. We named the product “raw resin” instead of the market-established “live resin” to reflect the unique extraction process. We chose “true full spectrum extract” to describe how their innovative process preserves the flower’s full flavour and terpene profile which are often lost in other products. Establishing specific, purposeful language allows Hystar to highlight product elements exclusive to the brand that excite the cannabis connoisseur’s palate. We designed a beautiful, informative website to educate consumers on the new product category of raw extracts as well as coordinated and continuously manage all marketing efforts digital and otherwise.

Strategy + Execution

Hystar’s new brand identity is sophisticated and luxurious. Having full creative freedom, we used our narrative of the connoisseur experience to produce rich imagery and video assets, unlike any other brand. Honouring original live resins like hash and charas, we found inspiration in Arabic calligraphy and middle eastern design concepts for choosing the logo font. As fans of balance and aesthetics, we saw the beauty and complexity of the golden cannabinoid ratio and its reflection in the value and novelty of the product itself. Connoisseurs would truly love this!

We designed the product packaging to be as much of a multi-sensory experience as the product inside. Our carefully selected textured paper stock adds a strong tactile impression in the hands of the consumer. The gold-stamped print shimmers in the light, just like the resin itself. The die-cut window allows consumers to easily see the product and be wowed. Where typical extract packaging comes in sealed envelopes or simple unbranded containers, the window instantly draws the eye to the beauty of the product. Every small detail was designed to reflect the complex and refined values of the extract itself.

Working with Hystar was a pleasure—not just because of their remarkable product—but they also gave us the creative freedom to bring our vision to reality. We look forward to Hystar’s growth as they expand their distribution and product menu with the foundations of a firm brand identity to build upon. So far, results have been extraordinary and Hystar has received nothing but exceptional feedback from the public. In fact, Hystar’s products ruled the three solvent categories at the 2018 Karma Cup. Of their six entries, they won first place in all three categories as well as second place in two of them. We at Connekta are incredibly proud. We always knew they belonged at the top.