Passion driven, patient focused

Green Island Naturals
Arnica + Mint Pain Cream
Medico for Pets
2015 – 2018
Green Island Naturals
Branding, Packaging Design and Packaging Solution, Content Writing, Marketing Strategy and Design
Scope of work

The meteoric rise of Green Island Naturals (GIN) during the pre-legalization era was nothing short of spectacular. Within a few months of launching multiple product lines created hand-in-hand with one of Canada’s most celebrated product formulators, it became clear that keeping up with demand would be the greatest challenge for our new partner.

The brand esthetic, marketing content, custom packaging, and essentially all other marketing assets required to make the multiple product lines a shining success were created entirely in-house and delivered directly into the hands of our client. Our long-lived partnership started on day one of the company’s operations and ended only when the company voluntarily shut down in order to comply with emerging regulations.

The Brand Look

As a patient-focused cannabis product brand, GIN wanted a look that inspired confidence in customers and provided a clear reference to the company’s Vancouver Island location. The resulting design represented high-quality cannabis while retaining clearly relatable elements to local cannabis consumers. ‘Trust’, ‘reassurance’, ‘consistency’, ‘clean’, and ‘professional’ were some of the brand’s key values. We took inspiration from the mists of Vancouver Island and created a peaceful look to communicate the intended values of the brand. We further conveyed these brand values with specific choices in colour, fonts, imagery, and layout.

The Brand Voice

Working closely with the product manufacturer, our Senior Cannabis Consultant, Adolfo Gonzalez, developed all of the writing for GIN from product indications to marketing copy. Clear indications and warnings were developed in line with the standards of a regulated market product even though GIN operated in an unregulated space. From the thorough, honest, and minimalistic approach of the GIN manufacturing team to the soft and subtle imagery of the brand, we developed their brand voice to match their values: clear, straightforward, and sensible. Put simply, the contents and style established the brand as exemplary in social responsibility while staying true to its authentic cannabis heritage.

Packaging Solution

We designed and facilitated the package manufacturing for all of GIN’s product lines with the same objective in mind: patient friendly.

With large bulk orders of packaging for each product line, the magnitude of this project attested to the prowess of the Connekta team in managing large, logistically-complex projects while delivering all marketing assets within budget and timeline. Most importantly, Connekta’s direct oversight of every stage of printing and manufacturing ensured that the job was done right.


Green Island Naturals’ (GIN) innovations were so ahead of the curve that it’s easy to overlook some of the accomplishments reached by this incredibly dedicated group of people. GIN was first to launch MCT-based, solvent-free tinctures in Canada, the first to launch its beloved Honey Tears line, the first to launch multiple 4:1 CBD/THC ratio product lines (before this ratio became popular for doctors to prescribe), the first to provide veterinary-approved dosage ranges for animals in dog/cat tinctures…and the list goes on and on. When it came to cutting edge product formulation, it all started with GIN.  

The staggering success of each and every product line GIN created spurred a wave of raving consumers and imitators that collectively established these product categories as hallmarks of the Canadian marketplace. Beyond creating a product best in its class, GIN could boast the creation of the product category itself. There is no question that their work influenced what medical practitioners were hearing from patients at a national level with regulators later deciding that MCT would be the standard legal format for regulated tinctures in Canada.

Looking back at the innovations of GIN, now that legalization has swept away the physical remnants of the company’s accomplishments, the memory for its creators and the hundreds of thousands of patients who used these products will not soon fade. However, today we can rest assured knowing that the IP produced by this company is now in the hands of a licensed entity who will put these beloved products back on the shelves for all to enjoy.

For a brief summary of what we are all missing, take a look at this product brochure from early 2017.