Giant of the Canadian edibles market

Baked Edibles
Baked Edibles Cookies
July 2016 – Sep 2016
Baked Edibles
Packaging Design and Packaging Solution
Scope of work

Supporting a successful and long-standing company like Baked Edibles as the last remaining outpost of Canada’s grey sector is an exciting task that we at Connekta take on with pride. Baked Edibles has been an influential force in raising industry standards across the country. In a space that lacks clear regulations, Baked Edibles sets the bar by consistently testing their product dosages in Health Canada-certified labs, while also being the first cannabis bakery in Canada to successfully pass inspection by local health authorities. Today, Baked Edibles continues to stand strong where the majority of competitors have fallen away in the face of regulatory hurdles. The endurance and influence of their work are a true legacy to the labour and vision that led this innovative group to become the industry’s indisputable champion. At Connekta, we are not surprised. Baked Edibles’ dedication to the authentic roots of the cannabis community—the patients—was a clear indication from day one that we were working with like-minded people.


As one of the largest cannabis edibles companies in Canada, Baked Edibles has a wide range of product lines from edible cannabis extracts (like phoenix tears) to baked goods and chocolates. Working closely with their management, we developed a cost-effective packaging solution that is not only adaptable to the nature of their business but also provides a consistent, trustworthy brand image that builds confidence in consumers.

We developed a visual vocabulary for their packaging design to assist in minimizing mistakes when packing products, thereby increasing efficiency. It additionally helps customers quickly identify and choose products for their specific needs.

Oversight and Logistics

Large volume print jobs can become high-pressure situations riddled with potential headaches and unfixable mistakes. At Connekta, this is the air we breathe. Meeting the logistical needs of a large company like Baked Edibles may not be something that design companies conventionally do, but it enables our client to better manage their total budget while giving us a greater ability to maximize the final outcome. For that reason, we happily took it on. After years of establishing local and overseas partnerships with packaging manufacturers, print houses and brokerage firms, we’ve developed a solid supply network to ensure that every last piece of packaging is made right and delivered into the hands of our client. To this day, Connekta proudly provides printing and logistical support to this truly inspirational and ground-breaking company.