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There are not too many brands in the pre-regulatory sector that can boast the type of recognition and consumer confidence that Veridesco has managed to garner.

To achieve this, the company has utilized four key differentiators:

  1. the oil made by the company is incredibly high quality,
  2. it is accurately tested,
  3. it can be accurately dispensed thanks to unique oil dispenser and
  4. unlike other edible/topical decarboxylated or semi-decarboxylated extracts which are diluted with additives like MCT, Veridesco oils aim to remain undiluted while also retaining sufficient terpenes to allow for the consumer to use the oil as an inhalable product.

An oil that can be eaten, smoked or used topically truly demonstrates the amazing simplicity and versatility that this format can provide to the consumer. This is precisely the type of honest and innovative company that Connekta seeks to support.

Visual Identity Update

For a company like Viridesco who has already established some brand recognition in the market, to keep the visual legacy is highly important, as it is one important component of the relationship the brand established with its customers. Meanings and values were injected into the legacy visual products and we were to come up with a solution that honors these legacy, while also improving it so that the communication of the brand value could be clearer and stronger.

The Viridesco Visual Identity was minimalized down to its essence in order to allow a more clearly differentiated visual representation of the brand. These efforts were primarily aimed at improving the ability of the eye to immediately recognize this as unique symbol, all the while using the ubiquitous symbolic representation of health through the staff and serpent. The result was a logo that remains true to the imagery chosen by the ownership while achieving a cleaner, more professional appearance that increases recognition and memorability.

Product Display Case Design

In the pre-regulatory sector, a good display can make a product stand out miles ahead of its competitors. This really is the perfect example of a marketing asset that managed to do just that. The image speaks for itself, but in the greater context of establishments that do not often have the benefit of a professional merchandising plan, this type of asset achieves an even greater impact. We designed this display for it to not only present the products in a professional way, but also for it to play an educational/introductory role for the brand. This helps to increase the inquiry rate in a highly crowded retail environment, which eventually helps to boost the sales for the brand.A custom design was built in the form of 3D design, materials were sourced and manufacturer was selected. The end product was delivered within a tight budget and timeline, with all manufacturing oversight provided by Connekta. Another turn-key solution delivered to a customer that represents the best of the craft cannabis grass-roots movement.

Brochure Design

Upgrades to the original brochure were made with the goal of providing a format that was more easily digestible so that we take every opportunity to communicate to potential customers even when they are just browsing. A high potency product such as this requires a good amount of warnings and indications as to the potency and methods of titration. This was not simply marketing content but rather played the role of supporting public safety. It was key that the information be passed on to the consumer effectively but without being overbearing. The end result achieved this goal through the manipulation of text layout, font and other organizational/esthetic changes that allow eye and mind to work together to provide clear understanding to the reader.

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