Hystar Sensi Jack Raw Resin Concentrate
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Branding for Hystar Raw Resin

Hystar’s raw resin is a thoughtfully crafted new cannabis concentrate developed with a unique extraction method. The raw flower is carefully preserved and the result is an exceptionally clean product that surpasses industry standards. Their plants are grown in-house allowing greater control and flowers are freshly extracted ensuring the integrity of the plant and its flavour profile.

Connekta was retained by Hystar to launch the new raw resin by providing a turn-key solution to include naming, packaging, brand strategy and channel strategy. Hystar’s goal was to create a high-end brand separating themselves from a saturated concentrates market made up of homogeneous brands. Existing brands lacked brand distinction due to similar aesthetics and were absent of emotional communication. The evolving category is also challenged with breaking through the “stoner culture” stereotype.

Connekta saw this as an opportunity to elevate the product experience by helping consumers understand a premium product using sensory perception.

Hystar Raw Resin Concentrate
Hystar Brand Packaging
Creative Direction

With an underlying pursuit to break the stigma, we envisioned what the brand might look like in 10 years to illustrate a cannabis market without the stigma. We conceptualized Hystar through a connoisseur’s lens by highlighting attributes which solved common concerns in the concentrate world. Through mindful planning and direction of content, we integrated graphic design, photography, illustration and copywriting to highlight characteristics of a superior cannabis concentrate.

Utilizing sensory storytelling by way of touch, smell and visual cues, every component of the brand is meant to conjure an emotional response provoking curiosity and desire. Inspired by an Arabic theme and the constellations, the goal was to deliver experiential design elements to reflect a mature and sophisticated product suited to the taste of a connoisseur.

We used a style of textured paper called textwave where we integrated the pattern of little diamond shapes relating to our constellation theme and included a foil stamp texture to feature premium packaging.

By addressing major concerns in the resin category, Connekta was a key component to the successful Canadian launch of Hystar resulting in approved distribution, increased demand and boosted reach within the recreational and medicinal consumers. The launch of this product established Hystar as a subject matter expert and leader in the resin category.

Hystar Sensi Star Resin Concentrate

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