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Cann Help Deck & CannaReps

Cann Help Deck

The Cann Help Deck is a design project original to Connekta that inspired the workshop program, CannaReps. The deck was designed, organized, and created as a means of compacting only the most important and practical information about medical cannabis, the products on the market, and treatable conditions.

The information in the deck comes from over a decade of experience working with patients of medicinal cannabis and the dispensary community. In that time much data and anecdotal evidence was gathered and used to consult with people seeking treatment for their conditions through the use of medicinal cannabis.

Cann Help Deck - Cannabis Knowledge Cards
The format: physical and tangible

The vast amount of information available online can become confusing, often creating more confusion than understanding. It was crucial that the information was presented in a way that was clear, simple, and in a format that was conducive for easy learning.  The cards allow for a physical component to the deck, removing it from the category of a textbook and bringing it closer to a set of flashcards. However, the Cann Help Deck is a unique tool on its own.

Connekta made use of colour and visuals to create an appealing and effective design. Due to the scientific nature of the contents, it was important to us to create a sense of professionalism and maturity while still being approachable. We tackled the overwhelming information available about medicinal cannabis by dividing the deck into 4 categories: cannabinoids, conditions, products, and strains. The divided decks work together to provide the necessary information guidelines for patients and dispensaries when seeking cannabis as a method of treatment.

The deck has become an essential guide for many dispensaries as a tool to enhance their understanding of medicinal cannabis and aide in servicing customers who come in with specific medical needs, and has received an incredible amount of feedback from the public. We look forward to creating future additions with improvements to bring the deck to the next level and continue the movement of cannabis education through design.

Cann Help Deck Cannabis Knowledge Cards


CannaReps is a Connekta project that began with the design of the the Cann Help Deck and has since transformed into a 6 month workshop. We started this program as a  step towards initiating medicinal cannabis training for dispensaries and patients. The knowledge comprised in the CannaReps workshop originates from over a decade of appreciating the herb and working closely within the industry.

We wanted the CannaReps brand to convey a professional yet approachable image with a practical format to keep people engaged, and encourage participation to ensure proficiency of understanding. Experience can only be taught through experience, CannaReps teaches dispensary workers how to understand and verify research while conducting their own through standardized surveys within the dispensary. This empowers the dispensary industry to grow their understanding by giving them the information and tools necessary to do so once the course is completed.

With a humble attitude

Connekta made sure to instil a voice of humility and honesty to the brand personality, knowing that the contents of the workshops has yet to be confirmed by the publicly funded scientific community. Since there are still many political restraints, approaching cannabis through science and education is new territory and therefore requires a humble approach. By remaining grounded and honest about what we currently know and have observed, we avoid the potential issues of misconceptions and debate. This honest manner of working with cannabis is something both CannaReps and Connekta want attendees to walk away with. They become ambassadors of the industry, passing on their humble attitude and avoid overextending themselves when sharing information with fellow budtenders or customers.

Generating Conversation

Connekta provides CannaReps with quality content that includes blog posts, social media content, marketing campaigns such as “Cannabis Myth Busters”. The myth buster campaign specifically addresses common misconceptions through engaging and reactionary content that is supported with data and evidence. This campaign was successful in stimulating conversation, attracting interest in the workshop program, and highlighting our balanced approach to cannabis training and understanding.

Through collaboration with credible individuals and strategic networking within the industry, Connekta and CannaReps are able to provide access to resources otherwise impossible or extremely exhausting to find. We manage the branding and marketing for CannaReps in totality.


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