When Cannabis ... Meets Design

We are a cannabis design and marketing consultancy dedicated to bringing high quality products to the industry by combining over a decade of cannabis experience with design expertise. Our unique approach to full service includes package manufacturing, as well as design and strategy.

Growing with the cannabis industry.

We understand the cannabis industry because we have been putting in the work to shape it for over a decade. The cannabis industry has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. With an authentic and knowledgeable approach we believe we can bring clarity and awareness to the market that will foster a positive conversation and lasting business growth.

Envision. Execute. Strategize.

Envisioning the future for our clients by approaching cannabis through the lens of design. We use design as a tool to help create appealing products that will thrive in the industry. From design to delivery, we work hands-on with our clients every step of the way.

Case Studies

There are not too many brands in the pre-regulatory sector that can boast the type of recognition and consumer confidence that Veridesco has managed to garner. To achieve this, the...
Hystar Sensi Jack Raw Resin Concentrate
Branding for Hystar Raw Resin
Hystar’s raw resin is a thoughtfully crafted new cannabis concentrate developed with a unique extraction method. The raw flower is carefully preserved and the result is an exceptionally clean product...
Cann Help Deck & CannaReps
Cann Help Deck The Cann Help Deck is a design project original to Connekta that inspired the workshop program, CannaReps. The deck was designed, organized, and created as a means...