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Don’t stop at design.
Start with Design

We are a design consultancy dedicated to bringing high-quality brands into the spotlight using business and design expertise. Our unique, full-service approach incorporates our innovative and interactive brand development sessions where we work with our clients to determine their vision and values, and then identify novel opportunities in branding, design, and business strategy to create a competitive edge and boost their success.

The Collector’s Cup

In Branding

Blue Verbena

Skin Care
In Branding / Marketing / Packaging

Hystar Raw Resin

In Branding

Green Island Naturals

In Branding / Marketing / Packaging

CannaReps | Experience sells more responsibly

In Branding / Marketing

Cann Help Deck

In Educational Tool / Packaging

Straight Cannabis

In Visual Identity

Trees | Unlocking Your Rolling Ritual

In Packaging / Retail

Viridesco Retail Display

In Retail

Cannabis Wise

In Visual Identity

OMNI Botanicals

In Branding / Packaging


In Branding / Packaging

Baked Edibles

In Packaging