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OMNI’s goal was to stand out in the Canadian cannabis market by providing luxury cannabis products blended with essential oils and organic herbs. OMNI produces incredible aromatic and cannabis infused products that range from pain creams, to personal lubricants. Connekta was hired to provide branding and design services in order to achieve the desired image with a combination of cosmetic and medical aesthetics.

We approached each of OMNI’s unique products with a specialized geometric pattern and a combination of neutral and metallic colouring. This resulted in an elegant look that exudes value and quality. OMNI created several lines of soothing cannabis infused aromatherapy products aimed to relax, restore and revitalize. By corresponding the sensory experience of the aromas with geometric patterns, we aligned each product with its own abstract shape which conveyed the sensation visually.

Connekta focuses on providing packaging and brand design tailored to the needs of each client, coupled with a full range of service options available to suit the specific needs of our clients and their projects. In the case with OMNI we were able handle the design aspect, as well as the package manufacturing.  With our established relationships with suppliers and manufacturers locally based, and overseas, we took care of all the logistics and contacts necessary to see the project through to final completion.

The Initial launch of OMNI was warmly received by the public and the industry with several major dispensaries placing large order well before the product became available officially. Our contact with OMNI has been extended indefinitely for ongoing brand management, excluding online services which will be managed in-house.

By highlighting the luxury behind the brand, Connekta successfully communicated the superior process and product quality of OMNI.Our subtle yet impactful approach has distinguished OMNI amongst a sea of similar products. We look forward to helping the brand reach higher levels of success for the years to come.

OMNI luxury cannabis products

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