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Green Island Naturals

Who’s Green Island Naturals?

Green Island Naturals stands out as one of the most innovative medicinal cannabis companies currently in the industry. Over the last year they have emerged into the market, improving upon existing products, while also developing new product categories which have been quickly picked up by the public. They have yet to meet a competitor that can match their formulas and standards of quality. Green Island Naturals is committed to their products every step of the way, taking no shortcuts and only using the best crops to make their powerful concentrates. They have received overwhelming support from their consumers, many expressing gratitude to the company for providing a product that has improved their lives when nothing else seemed to work.

Green Island Naturals
Medico For Pets
Medico: a tincture that is designed with clear dosing method and instruction, specifically made to ensure safety with pets.
Working with the client

From day one, Connekta has worked with Green Island Naturals as a total brand and marketing management project. The objective was to develop a brand that was consistent with the quality of Green Island products. We aimed to design an image that was professional and reassuring with clear instructions for storage and dosing.

The creators of Green Island Naturals are passionate, honest and hardworking people with a legendary reputation in the industry.  They dedicate their time and resources to perfecting medicinal cannabis and we wanted this to come through in their branding. At Connekta, we create unique, mature and professional imagery so as to set a new tone for the Canadian cannabis industry. While working with Green Island  to accomplish their goals we decided to use bright colours to instill a sense of positivity, and minimalist visual style to ensure clarity and readability of the packaging.

An evolving brand in the ever changing market

Beyond brand image and design, we sat with the product maker to discuss product development, asses the market and develop marketing strategy. Being a part of this process enabled our team to respond and adapt swiftly to the constantly changing market environment while still maintaining Green Island’s brand integrity. In the end, Connekta developed, designed and executed a bright, positive, and professional brand image along with comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategies. By negotiating with distributors we were instrumental in getting Green Island Naturals products on shelves across the country, from coast to coast.