The Connekta Story

The Connekta team was brought together by a shared passion and appreciation for both the cannabis industry and the principles of design. What started as an idea has since evolved into a cannabis design and marketing agency that is determined to bring values to the industry.

Founded by a cannabis industry expert and a master of design, the story of Connekta is one of passion and purpose. Taking on the medicinal cannabis industry from a design perspective means coming from a place of trust and responsibility. The brands and products we help develop have a significant impact on people’s lives, and we take that very seriously.  With a solution based philosophy, we transform big pictures into blueprints. And from those blueprints we build products, brands and businesses that will improve lives and raise the standards of the industry.

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You don’t have to shout in order to stand out. Our clients make quality products that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from mild to severe, therefore it is crucial their brand reflects the power of their product without overwhelming the consumer. Our client, Green Island Naturals, has innovated the industry with their high grade products. 

We worked with them from day one to cultivate a brand that conveys a trustworthy medical cannabis image, with easy to understand labels, and clear dosage information. All of our marketing communication obeys this principle of minimalistic design in order to maintain brand authenticity.

Market Research

Define brand DNA

design brand identity

Manage brand inventory

design cannabis


Connekta is a one-stop solution for design as well as packaging. What we design, we also create. Our network of suppliers and manufacturers is worldwide enabling us to handle our clients packaging needs from start to finish. This allows them to focus their time on their business while we take care of the materials, contacts, orders and shipping. Customers develop a relationship with a product as soon as they begin to interact with its packaging, making it especially important to choose the right materials. 

Good packaging requires thoughtful consideration for shapes, textures, colours, materials, and visual appeal. When working with OMNI we were able to bring our intimate understanding of materials and printing techniques to the table. In the end we were able to develop their polished brand image, unique within the cannabis industry, that instills a sense of luxury with a medical and cosmetic aesthetic appeal.

Packaging Design


Budget Consulting


Supplier management

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Developing a big picture marketing strategy involves being bold and most importantly- generating a conversation. Through engaging social media campaigns, thought provoking yet informative blog posts, and PR/event planning, we are able stimulate a conversation within the community. 

With a multi-channel discussion taking place we can bring awareness to CannaReps Workshops and the Cann Help Deck, an in-house design project. We embody the humble and grounded approach that the CannaReps Workshops teaches staying true to the company voice and personality.

Content Development

Product localization

Overall Marketing strategy

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At Connekta, we see the big picture, and we work together to achieve it all. That’s why we don’t stop at design, or even marketing. We go one step further by offering business and cannabis consulting services in order to help our clients achieve sustainable growth. 

We are currently working with educators and institutions within the local community to help design cannabis awareness and teaching curriculums. Our work doesn’t end with a finished product, we want to ensure the entire industry is successful by being a positive and proactive member ourselves.

Distribution channel acquisition

Staff Training Systems

Protocol Development

Our Team

Our team is rich in talent and diversity. Together we are cannabis experts, masters of design, multi-lingual creatives, and an international network of suppliers. We have come together with a shared mission: to empower the medicinal cannabis industry through positive design and branding. Our love of aesthetics, coupled with our cannabis expertise, propels us take on the challenges that come with the fast changing industry.

With a solution based philosophy, we transform big pictures into blueprints. And from those blueprints we build products, brands and businesses that will improve lives and raise the standards of the industry.

Enid Gonzalez C.
Owner/Design Management

Enid holds a Masters in Design Management and boasts an impressive international portfolio. She understands the gap between business professional and designers and has dedicated her career to bringing a holistic approach to both, in order to build better and more compassionate business and brands.

Adolfo Gonzalez C.
Owner/Business Development

Adolfo has helped to build some of the most successful brands in the Canadian cannabis/hemp industry. His role in the cannabis community began in the early 2000’s as a supplier, but has since evolved exponentially. Adolfo now primarily works in the businesses and academic development side of the industry providing cannabis consultation.

Gonzalo Almendrades
Event Specialist

Gonzalo is a seasoned entrepreneur and customer service specialist with a keen eye for online marketing and social media strategy. Gonzalo manages special events logistics, wherever he goes, the party is sure to follow!

Hannah Ma, Graphic Designer
Hannah Ma
Graphic Designer

Hannah’s dedication has allowed her to gain experiences from some top institutions in the world. Her detail oriented attitude maximizes the team’s potential and ensures the team to most efficiently piece the puzzles together in each project.